Monday, March 11, 2013

Attraction Marketing - Why It's So Important

    If you are doing a lot of research on how to market yourself and your opportunity, then you must have come across the term ATTRACTION MARKETING (No it has nothing to do with what you look like), if not then you should definitely know about it. This is not a new idea, it has been around for many years in marketing, but with the advancement of the internet and the ability to market yourself for free it has become a very popular method in MLM.
    According to Wikipedia: “Attraction Marketing is the use of marketing techniques specifically designed to teach the customer what you are doing and how a service or product will benefit them well before they purchase it, It works by providing valuable content for future customers to figure out how your product is going to benefit them before they buy it so that they are qualified customers before they step in the door”.
Attraction Marketing
    Well if you've been reading through my blog then you will understand this is exactly my method. I believe it is the best and most sound method to build a strong team that will stick with the opportunity, due to the fact that they have a clear understanding of it and have begun their training in advance of joining. (The one key difference to my approach as opposed to most others, is that I will not ask you to OPT-IN with your email address, before I provide you with the information, so I can inundate you with spam mailings trying to get you to join, or sell your contact information to the many other sites who buy leads. If you've ever wondered how so many people get your email and you constantly get sent offers by sites you've never even visited, well that’s how, you signed up at one and they sold your info to 100’s of others). The only way I will ever be able to contact you is if you want me to and you contact me first. I feel that this is a crucial aspect of showing my integrity and without that, I have no value to you (I will never use pressure tactics to get people to join, I always want it to be their decision and I want it to be an informed decision, I only want people to join, who want to join). 

  One of the most common questions in this business is "How can I be a leader, be an expert, and ATTRACT people to me, when I haven't made a lot of money with this opportunity yet?", but money has nothing to do with it and I’ll explain why. What you need to provide is VALUE (Which I hope I’m doing right now). Value = Giving your prospects what they need, such as; resources and information to help them succeed, explain all of the information in detail while keeping it simple to grasp, getting to know them on a personal 1 on 1 basis (Either through EMails, phone calls, web conferencing or in person whenever possible, but not necessary in today's internet world), developing a trust with them that can only come from giving them your TIME. The common mistake is that one would tend to believe that the best opportunity is to sign up directly under the highest rep they can find, that they will provide the greatest value, but those reps will only sign you up with a newer rep in their massive downline that can spend that TIME with you, do you think the top reps with 1,000’s of people under them can provide the time needed by new people to the business, of course not. 

Team Momentum
      Any IBO in any good team, has access to his upline and can OCCASIONALLY, get those top VP’s to spend a few minutes on the phone or through web conferencing to help his downline (My team is “Team_Momentum one of the strongest teams in the MLM industry, with some of the top people in the ACN business opportunity, with 4 of the 20 Circle of Champions members, the best of the best in the business and over 50 presidents club members, more than any other team), that’s how this business works. The people who can help you the most are the ones closest to your level in your team and most importantly the one directly above you.     So attraction marketing is simply that ATTRACTION, you need to find something that helps you stand out and attract future prospects to you, try to offer them the best opportunity you can and for me the most important aspect is TRUST, find someone who you feel you can trust and can be comfortable with the way they do things.

      With this site I hope to add value to my prospects as well as theirs, as they can also use the resources here to help promote value to themselves and their downline. (And anyone else in this business can use this site as a resource to add value to themselves and their team, which I encourage and hope you all do) You don’t have to spend the 1,000’s of hours doing what I do, you don’t have to write detailed articles trying to cover every subject you can, you don’t have to publish posts and links to 1’000’s of sites and search engines, I’m already doing all of that, the resource is already here and growing every day.

    So I hope I have provided what you're looking for, if you wish to join the ACN opportunity, if not that’s fine, I hope I've provided you with VALUABLE information anyway.

(Please note: If you have been introduced to this business by another IBO and have found this blog in your research of the company, please if you do join, join through them, my intention is not to ever steal anyone else's leads, this blog will always be available for you and everyone else to use and I will always help anyone who asks, without needing anything in return. So if you find it useful please share it with your team when you join or use to show your prospects and just let them know to sign up through you).

Thank you for reading and the best of luck in all your endeavors, 

+R. Michael Gonzalez

Please ask questions or leave opinions in the comment section, as I welcome any outside opinions and will answer any questions that are made directly and honestly.

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  1. Nice job Michael ! Great information here, attraction marketing is definitely the way to go ! Keep up the good work !

  2. Cool article. When I got the concept of Attraction Marketing, it changed everything for me !

    1. Thanks for the comment Tjou, I'm glad to hear it, it's definitely the proper way to network market