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Is ACN A Scam? - Yes Or No, Read The Facts - Pt.1

"This post has become the most viewed on this site, mostly due to the fact that I have placed links to it in many complaint sites as a response and alternate point of view, as well as it being in top search results for people looking for info on the "ACN Scam". As of March 27, 2013, over 500 people have clicked on a link, to read this, yet I have only received 2 comments, the one below and 1 from an ANONYMOUS source. I can't believe I have to say this, as I thought I was thoroughly clear about my opinion of anonymous comments, but I won't waste my time or yours with them. I'm not sure what to make of that, maybe it's because I feel that I have presented this material in a objective way? I have challenged most of the complainers to post their opinions here, as I welcome them to try and rebut my observations and to prove me wrong, yet only 1 anonymous has taken me up on my offer. If I were as upset about a subject as they all claim to be and went out of my way to post slanderous material for all to see, I would definitely take that invitation and would be glad to say whom I am, if it were true. Make of that whatever you will."

    The most searched for keywords for ACN are “ACN” and “Scam”, this may cause many to believe it’s true, just because there is so much of it out there and many don’t understand how search engines and internet spam marketing works and the misleading practices of some sites at getting hits so they can sell ad space and make millions and the tenacity of a few unhappy individuals with a lot of time on their hands. 

    The reality is, this is far from the truth, if you want to know the FACTS from OPINIONS, please read through this post. I will not try to convince you or brainwash you. I’m going to go over as many of the details as I can, as objectively and unbiased as I can (Yes I’m and ACN IBO, but I can be objective that is the whole point of my blog), as to why this is and if you're intelligent and objective you will probably see things differently. That doesn’t mean you are going to frantically run to your nearest IBO and sign up, it just means you will know ACTUAL FACTS instead of alot of misleading posts and outright lies and OPINIONS, many of which are coming from others trying to sell you “their better product or service or just get you to click to their site”. Please don’t just take my word for it, read through and decide for yourself.

Opinion: ACN is a scam, just read all the bad press about the company and if you're not stupid you will see it too.

Fact: ACN is a BBB accredited business and it has an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau, this cannot be manipulated, paid for or bought in any way. The BBB is the premier regulator of complaints against businesses by consumers and their integrity is unchallengeable”. ACN has had 270 legitimate complaints registered with the BBB in the last 3 years and resolved and closed EVERY SINGLE ONE. In a business with over 100,000 reps and millions of customers, this is an incredibly small number of legitimate complaints, however if you read into the hype on the internet you would be led to believe the number is vastly higher. For example AT&T has a “B” rating with the BBB, they have had 22,467 complaints in the same time frame and even though they have resolved or closed all of theirs, the amount of complaints vs. number of customers is a higher percentage. That’s why they have a lower rating. Is AT&T a scam, I think not.

Opinion: When you search for “ACN Scam” there's pages and pages of complaints, so it has to be true.

Fact: When you type “ACN Scam” into a web browser, we’ll use Google for the example. First if you even type ACN it tries to automatically add scam to it, does this mean that it’s true, quite not, it’s just the most used search query, because of what I’ll explain next.

    The way that the vast majority of online business sites make money on the internet is through advertising. All they have to do is get traffic to their site and when you see an ad they get paid, so obviously it’s in their interest to get hits any way they can (Please note my blog has no advertising, except my own 2 businesses my ACN IBO and Ameristar Group and I make nothing from traffic to my site).

    First listing when you type “ACN Scam” in Google is acn | Ripoff Report | Complaints Reviews Scams Lawsuits Frauds ... this would lead most to believe there must be alot of scamming going on if this is the top listing, we’ll that’s not how it works. makes it’s money by blasting the search engines with Meta Tag’s and SEO (If you dont know what that is, it’s how you get to the top in search engines), to get that top listing, they have a large staff dedicated to doing just that, they search the internet for any bad press on anything so they can get those people who are disgruntled to go and post a rant of how badly they were treated. It only takes a few complaints no matter how unfounded to start the ball rolling, then people jump on the bandwagon, the more posts the more traffic = more money for Ripoff I can only speak to complaints on ACN in their listings, as I know the FACTS and many of the listed complaints are outright lies and untruths. I know this because after reading them, I can easily prove that most of them were written by people who don’t even know exactly how ACN works, (In my opinion, they're written by the staff of Ripoff, notice most are by anonymous sources, how convenient). If you click the link and read the reports you will notice, I have responded to many of these claims with detailed explanations and actually use their own site to bring people to mine, so they can read the truth, you’ll know this because I post my real name, IBO # and blog address on every response. So far, not one angry scammed person has posted anything on my site, I wonder why? If there are so many REAL angry scammed  complainers, wouldn’t you think they would accept my invitation to do so. (My site is totally uncensored and anyone can comment, maybe they don’t bother because they know I’ll just shoot down there BS with FACTS.

If you notice the second listing that comes up, this one is simple to explain. ACN Scam - Watch this before you join - YouTube - This is a self promoting internet entrepreneur trying to sell you his internet marketing secrets. He actually has nothing bad to say about ACN, he just thinks there is a better way to market it, I agree with him (The reason he shows up under “ACN Scam”, is simply because its the most used search query and he’s taking advantage of it). It’s why I’m doing my research and writing this blog and learning everything I can about internet marketing and the company, (and soon you will see me in the top listings under “ACN Scam” as well and every other way to search for ACN, I’m already in many just click or type in “ACN IBO Profits” I’m the top listing), it’s just good fair marketing strategy, you just have to be willing to spend the time, lots of time. My only criticism about this is if you want to learn internet marketing, there are no shortcuts, believe me I know. I have spent 1,000’s of hours, if not more learning this for myself and continue to spend hours everyday. The difference is that as I learn, I will be adding pages to this site for free, explaining them as clearly as I can, but if you want to learn them and use them it will be alot of reading and work. (Please be aware of any sites or posts that claim to give you all their secrets for free, just because they want you to be rich like them, out of the kindness of their heart), nobody does anything for free, (I openly admit I want those deciding to join ACN to join through me and my downline, I want them to be as successful as they can, Why? So I can make more money, period.) That’s why I do this, to make money, not to because I'm the greatest humanitarian of all time, I just want to make money building my team and giving them all the tools I can. if my downline IBO’s don’t want to do all the work I am doing and I’m sure they don’t, they can just post links to my site and let people know where it is, to help train their downline IBO’s, that’s just how a good MLM works, I get to make more money by helping them, make more money.

If you notice the third listing that comes up - ACN Scam? - The Ultimate MLM Resource Center - This one is also simple to explain, much like the entrepreneur above, but with a different spin. I have looked through this site a bit and kind of like their approach at making money online. They simply get paid by advertisers from the traffic they bring to their site and charge nothing for the content and information they provide on MLM businesses. They are also taking advantage of the “ACM Scam” search query, they don’t have anything bad to say about ACN, quite to the contrary they endorse it and many other MLM companies. They simply want traffic which = money. There is nothing wrong with this at all and in my opinion the most honest way to make money online if your not directly selling something. They provide content, people come and they get paid by advertisers, simple. (I on the other hand focus on ACN, with some other MLM information, all the content is from me and I ask or get nothing from anyone for it, unless they decide to join me as an ACN IBO and use this content to help them and their downline succeed, if people come to my site just for information, then I’m glad to help them for free)

    Well I’ve covered the first 3 listings, that should be enough, if not this post would be a mile long. I have explained 3 types of search hits for “ACN Scam”, just be intelligent and see through marketing practices being misinterpreted as proof of the “ACN Scam”

As of March 26, 2013, I am currently listed in Google under "Is ACN A Scam 2013" #7, "ACN IBO Scam" #7, "ACN A Scam" #11, "Is ACN A Scam" #15, "ACN Is A Scam" #28, "ACN Scam" #35, I'm obviously not bashing ACN. Just goes to show you what a will, some tenacity, lots of work and a some internet marketing skills can get you and I'm just 1 person with a month old blog.

Opinion: ACN must be a scam they have been shut down in Montana for securities violations and being a pyramid scheme, as well as Australia.

Fact: The facts are that ACN has never been found guilty of any illegal activities, simply because ACN is not doing anything illegal. Any ambitious and misguided public official can wage a war in the press and the courts against anything they want (mostly just to promote their public image, just like FOX) regardless of the truth, I would also like to point out that it was not the State Attorney General, but Montana’s Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, who also filed against 2 other MLM business. It bothers me that so many are finding all these articles calling ACN a scam because of all the press from this 1 unscrupulous person just trying to get his 15 minutes of fame and there are no articles explaining the fact that on September 13, 2010, all formal complaints against ACN were dropped, due to complete lack of any evidence that they did anything wrong and they are still doing business in Montana, (Kind of like when a newspaper runs a front page slander campaign, only to find out later they were wrong and places a retraction in small print in the back page).

     In addition ACN settled a case in Pennsylvania with the Bureau of Consumer Services. The case was an issue of “Slamming” or switching consumers services without authorization by unreputable IBO’s. Once again this was not ACN, Inc. It was reps breaking the rules of the IBO Agreement. I don’t have any first hand knowledge, but can only assume that after costing the company money in legal fees, settlement costs and affecting their credibility, I must assume those reps are no longer with ACN.

     As for Australia, in 2004 the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) investigated the Australian Communications Network Pty Ltd (Australian ACN). Alleged breach of Trade Practices Act from 1974. In 2005 ACN Justice Selway judged that Australian ACN attempted to induce people to take part in a pyramid selling scheme. But federal court appeal reversed decision and ruled that "recruitment payments" did not fall under the definitions of the law.

     ACN has a legal advisory committee, consisting of retired judges and attorneys, like Robert Stephan, former Kansas Attorney General, Chris Gorman former Kentucky Attorney General, Grant Woods (Arizona Att. General), Warren Pengilley - University of Newcastle professor emeritus, William P. McKeown, a retired judge from Canada Federal Court Trial Division and Supreme Court of Ontario. Their task is to make the business more credible, and to assure the business is legal and ethical. (Some of these complainers would say that these people are only there to keep them from going to jail for running an illegal enterprise). Do you really think that people of this caliber would involve themselves with a criminal enterprise, come on.

ACN Review - Is ACN A Good Opportunity - 1:56

     I hope I have covered some of the main issues that people are using to promote their slander against ACN. If you still believe all you hear, well you have that right. If this has shown the light of truth to you then thank you for reading and being objective. Either way ACN is a great opportunity for those who work the business and learn the skills necessary to succeed and isn't going anywhere. I will cover more of the misleading information about ACN in another post, that’s enough for now.

To continue read: Is ACN A Scam? - Yes Or No, Read The Facts - Pt.2

Thank you for reading and the best of luck in all your endeavors, 

+R. Michael Gonzalez

Please ask questions or leave opinions in the comment section, as I welcome any outside opinions and will answer any questions that are made directly and honestly.

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  1. I just wanted to say thank u... Last night i went to my first ACN meeting and thought it was the greatest opportunity i had ever had i told my mom about it and she told me it sounded like a pyramid scheme we read this blog together and now we both think its a great opporonity for me

  2. Your welcome David, I'm glad I could help. If you've read thoroughly through my blog, you'll know I have some differences of opinion on how to do this business. Whichever way you choose, just make sure it's right for you and be prepared to put in effort and time. No matter what you hear, this will not happen in a month or two and I hope whomever you join with will tell you that. I have many more posts coming about how to market yourself in social media, which I believe is the future of this business, so read them when they come. Thanks for the comments. Michael

  3. Hi Mr. Gonzalez,

    I have been an ACN IBO for a few months now, but I recently stumbled across this blog of yours the other day. I would just like to thank you for taking the time to put this together. I know quite a few people I have shown ACN, that have talked themselves out, because of the negativity on the internet. And sadly they do not even bother to finish reading the post, since at the bottom is usually a pitch to an other business or opportunity.

    I will be sure to send them this link as a good starting place to look.

    Thank you,
    Jeffrey Dolan

    1. Hello Jefferey,

      Your welcome, I actually felt that it was necessary to do. In today's world I can't imagine there are too many people who would join without doing a little research online and if you don't understand exactly how things work it can appear that there is overwhelming negative information on ACN or any company for that matter.

      Thank you for your comments and I'm glad to hear that you will be using this site to show others, please browse through the whole site as I will add content regularly on many topics relating to ACN and network marketing.

      Thank you,

  4. Michael thank you for taking the time to research and write the truth. I guess people who use the internet as a bathroom wall don't have anything better to do and certainly no ambition to better their lives. Direct marketing is done every day. What do these people think of Best Buy, Wal-mart or Radio Shack they market the same services as ACN? ACN is genius in giving the ACN IBO's the opportunity to receive the commissions, all the above mentioned stores do, without the overhead. Endoresements are great but as elequiently said by our TC "when the truth came out about Tiger Woods he lost a lot if endorsements" ACN is partnered with fortune 500 companies and endorsed by Billionaire Donald Trump. These companies and Mr Trump would not be here if the bathroom wall had any validity to it.
    We love ACN the business the opportunity and are grateful to be able to share it to help better peoples lives. Weather it's saving money, making money or both.

  5. I am considering ACN in Atlanta, GA and it seems like a good company. Like most MLM you have to put in the work but I like the fact that there is a possibiity for residual income and not having to sell products.

  6. Thanks for the article, I was recently introduced to ACN and as is the case with a lot of these types of businesses I tend to head to google and search in "Company Review" to get a better understanding. Thankfully I stumbled across your report.

    As is the case I do have a moderate to strong background in internet marketing so I know how it works with the posts you mentioned above which is exactly what I had been thinking of doing, I should have known the market would already be targeted!

    Still internet marketers fall into the same routine where offers and products get slammed because whoever purchases them doesn't make $1000's a month because they expect it just to happen and not to work at it.

    I think more then anything Im always leary signing up for IBO's like this because of the saturation in the market. Still think its worth a shot and this blog helped that thanks!

  7. I too have attended ACN meeting and was skeptical, as are many other people. I have researched and found like yourself that the negative spin is being commandered by others to advertise their own plans. I found the meeting interesting and my questions (of which there was many!) were answer openly and honestly. I think it is an opportunity with realistic potential, my only difficulty is cash flow, all goes the wrong way!
    Dawn Mitchell

  8. Keep up the good work in setting the record straight. I'm an ACN rep and know first hand it does work and their business model is A+.


  9. Hi Michael,

    The research you've put together does prove your point directly and I don't believe ACN as a whole is a scam or pyramid rip-off. I've been involved in MLM's and all require hard work, planning, marketing, and the biggest thing is time. It's refreshing to see someone like yourself who takes your IBO seriously and runs it as a business and not a "get rich quick" scheme.

    However, I haven't had the same luck in my area with ACN (actually the IBO's but IBO's are the face of ACN, which is why many comment that ACN is a rip-off). I believe that the IBO's that i've encountered are bringing in the street tactics they've learned from other sales roles. The meetings i've been to have done nothing to legitimately try to show ACN as a business. Instead, they've tried to spin it as a money-making genius opportunity and bring in guest speakers who make upwards of $300,000 annually from ACN, "and you can too" is how they always end the sentence.
    I equate what many of the IBO's are doing as "relationship rape" in where they are leaning on friends and family to qualify them to the next stage so they can start earning money, and this is only after i've witnessed them do everything they can to sign them up as an IBO on the spot. Most MLM's rely heavily on relationships but ACN IBO's, at least from my limited experience, take this to a whole new level. Actually, one guy I met at a meeting tried to embarass me in front of the other 11 attendees b/c I was asking questions, no merely being negative. He tried using me as the example of the brown apple, to which I countered, and in a professional way, put him in his place.

    They were also very aggressive in trying to get you to sign up and pay $499.00 right on the spot without any further meetings or knowledge. They had literature and information packs that they would only provide if you filled out the form, got your website, and paid your money.
    Being a smart business person with MLM experience, i'm not letting this sour me at all from ACN as a whole. But ACN should "police" who they allow in as IBO's more closely to avoid so many people who feel burned by the company.
    the IBO's are the face of ACN and if people are making it a habit of doing what i've experienced, this could truly generate most of the negativity coming toward the company.
    I've attended 3 meetings and only the last one, i was offered to meet with the highest guy in our area to have my questions answered as the IBO I met with had just joined 2 weeks prior.

    I'd love to learn more about the company, hear legitimate money experience and learn how long it actually will take to start reaping rewards from this program. I've followed the blog by email and do not want to publish my email address on the comments board. I will however send my contact information directly to your gmail account listed above and if your approach to ACN is better and not limited by territory, then I will be interested in learning more.

    thank you,


    1. Thank you for your comment, I was glad to publish this, as I cannot agree more. Yes I have also found a lot of this in my encounters with other ACN IBO's, however I have been fortunate to have surrounded myself with the positive credible people that are in this business.

      I have also been to local weekly meetings that seem to be no more than shock recruiting seminars trying to force feed the company down the gullible attainee's throats. I cannot stress more to anyone who is interested in begining any new adventure or business in life. DO YOUR HOMEWORK and take your time.

      I personally stress that anyone who wishes to join ACN do so, only after learning as much as possible and to know what to expect. The more ready one is before beginning the greater their chances of success and the greater their ability to strive through the low points that will be part of any new business.

      Also you must learn your market and the services that best fit you and your abilities. Not every service ACN offers is perfect for every market. you must fine tune your sales attempts with the right services for the right customer. In my area mobile phones are too competitive for me to offer them at a fair competing price, so I focus on satellite TV and high speed internet, which are very competitive. I also have learned that I feel more comfortable approaching businesses for services, rather than individuals, so that is were I spend my time.

      I am very confident on the new merchant services, which have just been added to the long list of products that ACN offers so that is my current focus.

      Remember it will take time, so don't expect too much too fast, I am currently 10 months into this and now have 17 IBO's in my downline. The first 5 seemed to take forever, but now it is starting to have a life of it's own. Now I have to focus on personal customers and reach my personal 50 points. One step at a time, just keep moving forward.

      Thank you,

      R. Michael