Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New ACN IBO's - Give It Time & Keep It Simple!

You Have To Give It Time

    One of the main things in this business or any other is to give yourself time to learn and to keep things simple until they sink in and you're ready to learn more. So don’t try and get it all in a day, take as much time as you need and always be open to learn from those who have done it. Nothing worthwhile in life comes easily and quickly, it’s the time and effort that you must put forth that makes the reward worth it, so give it time.

     The one thing that I hear about the most, when people complain about ACN on the internet, is “Hey I was in ACN for a month and I didn’t make anything”, Really? I just laugh everytime I read one of these articles by people who try and convince everyone they can, that ACN is a scam, because they didn’t make it. They have this need to make themselves feel better, like it wasn't their lack of work or perseverance that was the issue, so it must be ACN, because obviously if they couldn't do it then it’s got to be the business.

It wont happen sitting on the couch!
      The more I discover about this business and the more I read the complaints, the more I’m convinced how great this opportunity is. I mean if it was so easy that anyone sitting on their couch could do it, then there would be no opportunity. The very fact that it takes hard work and dedication, means that many will quit long before achieving any real success, well as far as I’m concerned good riddance. So for the new IBO’s looking to get their business off the ground, remember it’s simple, but no one is promising you it is easy and it won't happen in a month. I've created this site for a couple of reasons, as I have explained in other posts. To provide value to my team, by providing a resource of information for them to train and learn, as well as providing my personal first hand point of view. There are some points I have seen and learned about how some present this opportunity, that I have a different outlook on and there's some I agree with wholeheartedly. As I have said before, I will never say my outlook is right and others are wrong, I can only view the world through my eyes and share what I believe and I hope my view is helpful and according to the top reps in the business and I agree, this will not happen overnight.

ACN TV Video: ACN Tips for New Representatives

    This video is great as you hear it from the ones who have done this and unless I’m mistaken no one said it will happen overnight. You have to stick with this and train until it becomes second nature. One of the most important things to helping you stick with this is your WHY, as I described in What Is Your Why? - Have Clarity & Purpose, it’s the foundation that will get you through the long haul, until you reach your goals. Once you have made the decision to do this, you need to utilize all of the tools and training available, to give yourself the skills you need to achieve those goals and give yourself the time to see it through.

Thank you for reading and the best of luck in all your endeavors, 

+R. Michael Gonzalez

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  1. I am finally going to sign up with ACN tomorrow, but if it wasn't for this blog I would not be. All the information you post is more then helpful in giving me the confidence and knowledge to help me succeed, so thank you.
    In your last post you had recommended having more then one plan in case one fails, so I have come up with multiple plans on each step of this businesses except for making sales. As I commented before my leads are dry, and what I didn't mention is that I have zero sales experience. So the only plan I can think of is make business cards and use a approach that you had said in one of your posts, but I imagine that will only take me so far right? Same would go with Facebook I would think as well. What other sales techniques would be worth trying? Again thanks for your tim

    1. Hello Joey, I'm glad I have been helpful, that's the whole point of this blog. Don't worry too much in the beginning about customer acquisition, it will come. Yes some people explode out of the gates in this business, but they most likely have sales experience and a large warm market to start. Remember this is not a contest and anyone can do this, just worry about doing it at your pace. For me the most important thing to start, as I said earlier is learn the services and know which ones best fit your area, focus on 1 or 2 at first, don't try and be everything to everyone at the start. You also have to get out of your comfort zone, sales is a people business, so you have to talk to people, everyday, anytime you can. You don't need to be great at first, it will get easier over time. Remember this is direct sales, your warm market doesn't have to be people you've known your whole life, it can be someone you met 5 minutes ago. I also can't stress enough to go through all the self help videos & audios and the ACN training videos and materials in the personal resource center on the right. I will continue to add to them, most aren't very long, so just make a point of going through at least 1 a day.

  2. Thank you Michael . I am including this in the Pre-launch package for all IBO's. keeping active are essential. Thanks again for your training and support. God Bless you.