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The ACN IBO Personal Business Assistant

    For those of you who don’t have the “ACN Personal Business Assistant” and are wondering what it provides you, I’ll explain. Just like in any other business, you need certain tools to increase your productivity and some tools are just required to be competitive and successful. The business assistant is one of those tools for your ACN MLM opportunity. If you're running a call center then having a phone is a necessity, but having a VOIP computer assisted phone system will help you immensely, it keeps track of all your calls and streamlines the business that you're in and if you hope to compete in that business and be successful then you can’t live without it, that’s what the business assistant does for the ACN Independent Business Owner.

    For a monthly fee of $39.99 the business assistant gives you a wealth of services that will streamline your new business and once you learn all it has, it will become essential to your success at being an ACN Independent Business Owner. It also comes with 2 customer points and counts as a service sold, to help you qualify for bonuses. I’ll go over all the features and you decide if it’s for you.

1. Contact Center - Just launched on February 20th, 2013. This new system is a big improvement from the “Legacy Contact Management System”, it completely streamlines your business by combining your contact list, your downline and your customers all in one place. It allows you to follow the progress of all your prospects, IBO’s and customers by letting you send all types of videos, audios, newsletters, flyers, E-Cards and email campaigns designed to keep everyone on point. It lets you know what emails have been opened and when, what videos have been watched and how complete, so you know when it’s time to contact them again. For customers you can send individual or bulk emails with thank you’s which will show your appreciation for their business and keep them loyal. It will also allow you to send training materials to your team to keep them learning and motivated as well as recognition emails to show your noticing their progress. In addition to all this, It also has a Social Media section coming soon which will allow you to post videos, audios and images straight to your favorite social media sites right from the contact center. 2. IBO Alerts - IBO Alerts allows you to receive an ACN IBO Alert to your email, cell phone or both when events occur within your organization or open line, such as reaching a new earned position, incomplete customers, new downline Team Trainers, and more. The key to success is being on top of your business and IBO Alerts helps keep you informed in real time.

3. ACN2GO - The ACN2GO application showcases ACN's home-based business opportunity through the company's complete portfolio of essential communications, home and business services to your smartphone or tablet. This will allow you to hit the road to success literally. With ACN2Go you can pique your prospects, acquire customers and manage your downline on the go. Easily showcase ACN’s products, services and home based business opportunity with videos, third party validation and more. The perfect tool for piquing prospects, managing your business and signing up customers from anywhere.

4. Conference Service - Conference Service is Anymeeting, yes Anymeeting is free for anyone to use so I’m not sure why it’s considered part of the Business Assistant. As I have stated I will tell the good and bad and be as honest as possible. Several of those in my upline who have been doing this business much longer than I have, do not use Anymeeting, they use TeamViwer instead. As I go through each part of the tools in Business Assistant, I wondered why and called and asked. They told me it was too complicated and it didn't work correctly and TeamViewer was just easier, so I decided to figure it out and get back to them. Being quite computer literate I told them it would be no problem, but I found that it does require a little bit to get set up. When I tried to launch it, it would not work as the Google Flash plugin was having problems, so after about 20 minutes of disabling plug ins, uninstalling, reinstalling and reconfiguring, it started to work, now I understand why my team wasn’t using it. Once the program opened the camera and audio worked quite easily, so I started browsing the tools. Most seem pretty simple, but when I tried to add PDF files they wouldn't upload or save, but after several deletes and re uploads, they finally worked. Overall it seems like a good system with a few glitches and if you consider it’s free to hold presentations with up to 200 people simultaneously, it’s actually a great deal. So with a little help from any teenager you can easily setup and use AnyMeeting and with a little learning curve you’ll be holding presentations in no time, once again I don’t know why they consider it part of Business Assistant it’s free, but I guess they just want you to use all the tools available to you and placed a link to it in there.

5. My Meetings - My meetings is where you go to find all listed meetings available in your area and to post the meetings that you are holding. I have noticed that many meetings that I know of are not listed, in fact most of them. I can only assume that the presenters of those meetings are just trying to promote themselves and build their own team and don’t want other IBO’s using their meetings to help them sign people up. I guess alot of people don’t believe in giving without expectations of getting something out of it. Is it really that big of a deal if a few extra seats and some coffee are used by others trying to succeed in your business. Well either way, it’s up to you if you want to post your meetings or not, personally I feel that helping other IBO’s not in your downline is a good thing, sure you won't make money off them, but it goes to your integrity and that is a crucial key to success in life as well as business. When I hold meetings I will happily post them for all IBO’s to use, it builds your presence in the business and is a good way to show your one of the leaders. Check back as when I have the time I will add a page in my blog, showing all the meetings I can find and I will give credit to the ones that are open to all. If their not, you can still go anyway, but if I were you I wouldn’t join anyone from those teams (just my opinion).

6. Downline Reporting - Downline reporting is an essential tool for keeping track of you and your teams progress. It shows you your entire organization on a single page, how many customers, what services, your teams points, how many levels. This information is key in keeping up with the success of your team and shows you who the go getters are and the ones that need some help. The only way to have a healthy team is to know as much as you can about their progress.

7. IBO Website - The business assistant comes with a new customizable website for helping you recruit new IBO’s for your downline, just like the online store is designed to help you with acquiring customers and giving them all the information they need to sign up. It is where your new prospects will go to learn about the business and eventually sign up under you and gives you an additional level of credibility. It allows your prospects to locate a meeting in their area. It has the business opportunity presentation video as well as information about the business. So for the most part all you have to do to pique their interest is get them to go to your IBO website.

8. Personal Development Library - The PDL is basically the online version of Success magazine which anyone can get by going to the online version of Success magazine. Not sure why it comes with Business Assistant either. Sure it has a nice ACN logo at top and there is a tab “ACN Message” which lets you access some ACN videos, but you can find most of that material elsewhere. If anything it just makes another training tool easily accessible in one place and that can’t be a bad thing, the easier you can access information the more of a chance you’ll use it.

    So there it is, that was a really long post, but if you were interested in the Business Assistant it should have explained everything. It took me sometime to go through each part and give my best description of its value. Personally I have the Business Assistant and find it an absolute necessity to success in the ACN business. It’s up to you, it’s not required, but it should definitely be desired. So at least for me I give it 2 thumbs up.

Thank you for reading and the best of luck in all your endeavors, 

+R. Michael Gonzalez

Please ask questions or leave opinions in the comment section, as I welcome any outside opinions and will answer any questions that are made directly and honestly.

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