R. Michael's Disclaimer "MUST READ"

I’d like to make clear that I do not represent ACN, Inc. in any way. My only affiliation with the company is as an Independent Business Owner and I only represent myself. Although I am in the business of recruiting new IBO’s and finding customers, I will always write in this site as openly, objectively and as honestly as I can.

(Please note: The purpose of this blog is not to seek IBO's to recruit in any way. It is for information purposes only. The MLM structure in ACN is to recruit only from known contacts known as your "Warm Market", I use this blog to teach and inform my potential prospects so they can make a informed decision before they join. I also welcome all others to use this blog to inform their own prospects as well if they choose. If you have been introduced to this business by another IBO and have found this blog in your research of the company, please if you do join, join through them, my intention is not to ever steal anyone else's leads, this blog will always be available for you and everyone else to use and I will always help anyone who asks, without needing anything in return. So if you find it useful please share it with your team when you join or use to show your prospects and just let them know to sign up through you). 

The purpose of this site is a few things.

1. I want to provide a resource of all the information that I can, in one place, for my team and any others who wish to use it. As I spend many hours a day scouring the internet for VALUABLE information on this business and other valuable marketing information. It is a daunting task to sift through all of the useless, worthless information out there. From every snake oil salesmen trying to sucker you in to buy their product or learn their system for a small fee. I’m already doing this, so why should everybody else have to as well. I will always provide my best opinions in all my posts and try to give the best information and links to valuable resources as possible. I will not try to profit in any way from this site or from any links that I provide (I’m not a spokesman for anyone but myself), other than from those who wish to join my team and become IBO’s through me themselves. 

2. To openly disclose as much information as possible, for people interested in finding out more of the company. I have searched through 1000’s of results from search engines with various complaints about the company or it’s reps. I would like to say that “I personally believe” that most are unfounded and just the bitterness of those who did not succeed in this business, due to the fact that they did not put in the proper effort, time or utilize all of the resources available. This business “in my opinion” is a excellent business opportunity for those prepared to put in the long term effort that is necessary for success at anything in life. 

3. To explain the seemingly overwhelming amount of bad press out there about ACN, if you read my posts “Is ACN A Scam? - Yes Or No, Read The Facts - Pt.1 & Pt.2” I explain in detail how this is a false appearance. Perpetrated by untrustworthy sites that profit from driving these types of baseless claims, from anonymous sources (Which I believe are mostly from their own employees), to increase traffic to their sites. Please read the posts to understand.

4. I would like to have an open discussion on any topic I cover to get as many opinions as possible. This will also become a resource for all, to see as many points of view as possible. I may have a different point of view on many of the ways to market or recruit in this business, from past experience in marketing & other MLM's, as well as all I continue to learn, but will do my best never to judge or express any bad feelings towards anyone else in this business who do things differently. This site is just MY OPINIONS and I'm offering a different outlook on ways to market yourself in this industry, I have read all of the conditions in the ACN IBO agreement and am following what is allowed.

I believe wholeheartedly that the vast resource of social media, is the absolute greatest way to build upon your "Warm Market" as it utilizes your current friends, family and team to grow that market and is unquestionably the future of this business. I also feel it is extremely important to market yourself and this business correctly, as so many who fail at this, fail due to using the antiquated methods that have been around in the MLM industry for decades, which usually only benefit the company and the top leaders, by just driving huge numbers of people into the business knowing 99% will fail and are what have given MLM a bad name (I'm not suggesting that they are intentionally doing something wrong, quite to the contrary, this is just the system they were taught and got them where they are. So I don't blame them for continuing to promote it. However this system only works for people with massive teams and incredible recruiting abilities and will not help the vast majority of new reps trying to start out in this business, it will actually prevent them from succeeding, by burning their "Warm Market") If you are new to this business and especially if you are new to network marketing, YOU MUST NOT BURN OUT YOUR "WARM MARKET", by aggressiveness and deceivingly trying to get them to sign up any way you can, just to qualify for some bonus. You need to slowly and steadily build your credibility and build a team of educated reps and give them every chance of success, if you want any type of long term success in multi level marketing.

I hope my site is informative to all who read and hope I have provided true honest objective explanations in all my posts.

Thank you for reading and the best of luck in all your endeavors, 

+R. Michael Gonzalez

Please ask questions or leave opinions in the comment section, as I welcome any outside opinions and will answer any questions that are made directly and honestly.

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