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Beginning With ACN

Start with this video and see what ACN is all about

Update March 21, 2013

     This blog is to document my personal experience as an ACN IBO (All Communications Network Independent Business Owner) and to post articles on what I learn about the business and what I know about the MLM industry in general, as well as, to provide a resource for current IBO’s as well as future IBO’s. I'm actually in the construction business and have been my whole life, as well as having been in the direct marketing business when I was younger within the travel industry and other businesses, but due to the real estate crash and the economy downturn it's been a difficult business to be in over the last few years (Just like most have been). For a long time I've been looking for a business I could do with little initial expense, that would provide residual income, that I could build over time, that could use the internet and social marketing revolution, and most importantly that would be unaffected by economic fluctuations .  I was introduced to the ACN business by my business partner and his wife, "who I trust unquestionably" as a way to earn extra money and possibly financial independence. I still plan to stay in the construction business Ameristar Group (it’s what I do), but I am willing to try anything that could help me out financially, especially over the long term. I actually signed up on December 12, 2012, but couldn't have picked a worse time. A week after I signed up my wife ended up in the hospital, then came Christmas, New Years and then in January I had a personal crises situation that lasted for weeks, (Life happens).

   I plan to edit this particular post regularly, as it will be my personal testimony of where I am at the time and will use this post to drive people to this site, as their first view. I will be adding posts to this blog regularly on everything I know and learn about the business. My plan is for this site to be a resource for all who wish to join or are already in the business and find the answers to all the information that I have taken the time to go through. The easier I make it for my downline the more success both they and I will have. I’m adding resources for their success and explaining as much as I can and I will always be as objective and honest as possible.

   Here is what attracted me to the ACN opportunity in the first place:

1. Your selling the essential services that almost everyone on the planet use everyday and most people are using many if not most of them. 2. Your selling the services of some the largest most reputable companies in the world. 3. You can make your own schedule at your own pace and since I'm also in the construction management business that is a key point (Obviously the more time you put in the more you'll get out, but you don't have to make it full time at first or ever if you choose). 4. At least for myself I was introduced to this business by people I trust completely, that truly only want to help me. 5. You're not selling products, but services that you will receive residual income from, month after month, this is a huge difference from selling products that most people don’t want. 6. ACN handles all of your customer support so once you make the contact and complete the sale it's no longer your responsibility.
7. Even though ACN has been in business for 20 years, they only have less that 1% market share in most regions, so there's enormous room for growth, which means the business is still at the ground level, ACN grew 40% last year alone, you will be hard pressed to find another business that can claim those #'s.

   It’s now March 21, 2013 and I have really only been working on this business for about a month, if you browse through this blog, Facebook page, Google+, or just start searching the internet you will see where I have been spending most of my time, just type ( ACN IBO #02637585 ) into your search engine and see what comes up (No I’m not all 44,300 results, but it sure feels like it), in addition to this I have been doing a lot of SEO work and internet and social media marketing to get this site out there, probably how you found it.  I have been scouring the internet to find out all I can and been going through all of the businesses material to learn it all. I’m the type who can sell anything and train anyone, but I need to be extremely familiar with all of the information, so I can easily and comfortably answer any questions that may arise, without sounding stupid or unknowledgeable (I really hate sounding stupid). I have realized there is a lot to know, about the services which there are many (To be a good salesperson you need to know your product), about the businesses MLM structure and compensation and about all the feelings and opinions that are on the internet both good and bad about MLM’s and ACN.

   I obviously haven’t spent a lot of time selling or recruiting, as I’m looking at this as a long term strategy anyway. The approach I’m taking requires a lot of advance work, which my skills are suited for and I feel that anyone interested in this opportunity, my future team, other IBO’s and I will benifit greatly from it, (I am a big believer of “If you want something in life, you first have to be willing to give”) So this blog, all of its resources and all I learn will always be openly available to everyone who wishes to use it. I am also trying to show how much support, guidance and value you will get from me, if you choose to join through me, I will put in the time to succeed at this and provide all in my downline all I can to help them succeed as well, that’s the basis of a good MLM if you make more money, I in turn make more money, the stronger your upline and more support they provide the better you will do.

(Please note: If you have been introduced to this business by another IBO and have found this blog in your research of the company, please if you do join, join through them, my intention is not to ever steal anyone else's leads, this blog will always be available for you and everyone else to use and I will always help anyone who asks, without needing anything in return. So if you find it useful please share it with your team when you join or use to show your prospects and just let them know to sign up through you). 

   Currently with almost no emphasis on actual sales and recruiting I have 3 people in my downline 2 levels deep (Achieved with the support of my sponsor and upline) and have currently sold 6 services personally, have 8 more in my downline totaling 28 customer points. I also have 2 more future IBO’s that I have told to take their time and learn all I have gone through before committing to this (I will personally only sign IBO’s up after showing them everything to expect, so they have the best chance at success, without ever misleading or pressuring anyone). I want as strong of a team as I can create, by just blindly signing people up without giving them all of the facts, 1. I feel it would be unethical and 2. what’s the point if you don't set them up for success from the very start. I have seen enough to know the services work and the system works and I believe ACN is an outstanding opportunity if you put in the time and effort. I will continue to spend most of my time in the foreseeable future, working on the content and promotion of this blog and my Facebook Page and learning the business and services to help my team and promoting this site to bring future prospects, which I will in turn use to help my downline. Please read “Attraction_Marketing where I explain this in more detail.

   So, if you are interested in this business please contact me (Unless you were shown this business by someone else, in that case please contact them), I hope I have shown the work and dedication I will give you, which is the most important part of this business, I will and have done a lot of the work so you won’t have to, you're only as strong as the team you choose. I am also in “Team Momentum” one of the strongest and fastest growing teams in the entire MLM industry with many of the top earners in ACN and the MLM business in general. You will have all the help and resources of my upline, that’s why we are the fastest growing team, we are all easily accessible and you will not be left to your own devices once you join, like some MLM’s or so called teams.

  If you think this could even possibly be for you, but you’re not sure, that’s fine I don't pressure anyone to do anything. Feel free to contact me and ask any questions you like, browse through this blog, visit my ACN Site to learn more, subscribe to this site, there are many ways to do it just go to the side bar preferably (where it says "Become A Member And Follow") or at the bottom of this blog there are other choices and you’ll get updates as I post them, or just check back here regularly and see what’s new. In the end it needs to be your decision and I want you to start this with the best possible chance to succeed. You can also go to my Facebook_Page and “LIKE” as I post all of my articles there as well.

If you are outside the U.S. and would still like to join my team and I, just go to, pick your country and use my IBO#02637585. Before you do anything, Email me and let me see how I can help.

Thank you for reading and the best of luck in all your endeavors,

ACN Independent Business Owner #02637585
Please ask questions or leave opinions in the comment section, as I welcome any outside opinions and will answer any questions that are made directly and honestly.


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