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Lay Seeds For Success - The Right Way To Sell

    Don’t always look for or expect instant gratification, lay seeds for the future. There are many ways to sell your product or yourself (And remember in sales you are ALWAYS selling yourself, people will always buy from someone they like over someone offering them the best deal, that they don't). Many look for the instant sale and if they don’t get it, it often leads to discouragement. The biggest and strongest trees are the ones which take a long time to grow, but once they do, they tower over the weeds. This is the approach you need when creating a business or making sure people think of you when they want a service or product you can offer, especially in the beginning, while you are learning.
Lay seeds for long term success
    Many sales people push their products, constantly harassing everyone they meet, to buy, buy, buy. They use many tactics, like now is the best time ever, don’t miss out or you got to sign up with me for this product, I need the business and so on. (These types of proactive aggressive sales work quite well for PROFESSIONAL sales people, but it takes time to perfect and if you do it wrong, you just come across unprofessional and pushy and loose potential customers, Note: There is a need to show some urgency and try and land a customer immediately whenever possible, as this is crucial to sustain a sales oriented business, just realize where this starts to become pushy and step back a bit so you don't ruin a future sale.) This often leads to what could be future customers having a bad taste in their mouth and they often go elsewhere when they want a service that can benefit both them and yourself and do you really want someone buying something from you just to help you out or do you want them coming to you so you can help them out as well (This is only my opinion and it may differ from what is promoted in this industry or most sales industries for that matter and I'm not saying either one are wrong or right, I only speak from personal experience on what has worked for me in other sales positions, you just need to choose what is right for you, like I say over and over, I'm not worried about the speed at which I grow this business, I'm looking for sustained long term growth, it will require patience and time to achieve this).
    Many in the MLM industry will disagree with me on this, they say you have to create momentum or you have to create excitement and I agree yes you do, however you need to learn those skills over time and for many, I feel it is better to keep potential customers in the loop than to loose them forever, because you were not skilled enough to sign them up on the spot. At least for me in the beginning while developing your skills and business, there is no better momentum or excitement than when something grows steadily and continuously. That’s the approach I take and I will try to instill in all my IBO’s. Don’t set yourself up for failure, set yourself up for success. If you try and grow your business at realistic speeds, give yourself attainable goals, give yourself time to hone your skills and you're prepared for the long haul, you will avoid a lot of the up’s and down’s that cause so many to quit, before they ever get started.
    Let me give you an example: I’m in the construction business and have a company that handles all types of building, remodeling and every aspect of the business. Everyone I know & meet, know I’m in the construction business. I don’t constantly ask people if they need their kitchen remodeled or need me to build a house for them. I just lay the seeds, I ALWAYS talk about my business in conversation (when it applies), which it usually does, without shoving it down their throats, how often do people ask what have you been doing or how’s business. It’s important to say something positive to leave a positive impression or seed (This is a basic sales skill, I’ll go over many of them in later posts). If you reply with something like “Oh business is horrible and the economy sucks” that will leave a bad seed and leave people feeling negative about you and themselves (Of course they know the economy is bad, but they don't need to be reminded of it) and they won't have much faith in your business either. If you reply with “Things are spectacular, they have never been better, I’m busy, busy, busy) then they will just think you're full of it and not trust you, If you reply with “Things are definitely getting better, looks like the economy is finally turning around, I could always use more work, but I’m definitely not complaining” This leaves a good feeling about you and for themselves (Now your giving them hope for their situation in life), your being optimistic, but honest and realistic. Now they are left with a feeling like things are getting better for them and you've let them know you could always use more work. Positive seeds can produce, because they leave a lasting good feeling and people will always choose someone they feel good about when they decide they need a service you can offer.     Laying seeds is simple, but requires the skills of understanding how people think and act. This takes time and you will need to practice at it (For it to truly work, you need to believe it, if not it shows). You need to be positive AT ALL TIMES, so you come across positive, people tend to hold on to positive feelings over negative and they tend to want to be around positive people (Because it makes them feel better and sales is an emotional decision over a logical one, people do what feels good). A negative feeling might ruin their day, but is soon forgotten, positive feelings are remembered for years, if not forever, so always leave a positive feeling.
The biggest
trees grow from little seeds.

     Even if it’s as simple as a quick meeting with someone you don’t know, spark up a conversation and hand them a business card and say
“Hey if you ever need my services, let me know, maybe I could save you some money”, see you didn't push them, you offered them and only if they ever needed it. You were also honest with them and said MAYBE I can save you money, now their curious if you actually can. Sometimes they will want to know more, because you sparked their curiosity, but at least they will probably hang on to your card, for future needs or better yet add it to their contact list. If you were to say “Hey let me sign you up for my services, their better and cheaper than anyone” Now your pushing for them to buy something and guaranteeing yours is the best. Now they automatically go into defense mode, most of the time they will just say no thanks or if they are polite they will say sure I’ll let you know and the second you're gone they just throw your business card in the trash.     Laying seeds is the best way to grow a business that will survive for many years to come, like a redwood, don’t just try to grow as fast as you can or like most weeds your business will be short lived.

      I like to add a quick video when I can find one that explains a topic well, I usually have to watch many to find a good one, I found this one and it shows another point of view on the same subject.

Why Closing Techniques Won't Work - 6:10

     I thought this quick video explained what I was trying to say in a little different way with some more added, people are generally more sophisticated today (It covers a little of this post and a little of Attraction Marketing in it). Anyone can and will go to the internet and research something before deciding, (Especially the business opportunity, unlike what you may have heard or been told, this is not an emotional purchase, but an informed one. As for the services as he said in the video, it's a long term relationship purchase, so don't always go for the aggressive close) Your better off just laying a seed of interest and providing them with a resource to learn more of what your trying to show them. (Like this blog for IBO prospects or your Online Store for customers).

Thank you for reading and the best of luck in all your endeavors, 

+R. Michael Gonzalez

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