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What Is Your Why? - Have Clarity & Purpose

     If you are new to ACN, another MLM or still looking into joining, you will most likely hear the term, “You need to know your why”, this may sound so simple and not seem as important as it is, but it is very important, not only for your success in this business, but your success at anything in life and I’ll try explain in a little more detail and expand on this as well.

     I have a short video at the end of this, by Anthony Robbins one of the worlds premier life and success coaches (Whose advice I respect immensely) and he says “Life will pay whatever price you ask of it, if you ask intelligently and prepare to make it happen”. This is so important, because many of us miss out on the key point, (Ask intelligently). In the video he explains that you need to FOCUS and be specific, he also explains it with a well known formula for success called the RPM (Result, Purpose, Massive Action). 

The R, what Result do you want? Ask specifically - What do you want? - Our minds will only see what we focus on and blur the rest of what goes on around us, we can only focus on so many things at the same time, that’s why successful people focus on EXACTLY what they want, they don’t generalize, they have a specific target and drive and they go and get it. To achieve success at anything we need to be goal oriented. We need to have a specific goal in mind, we can't just ask for money or we may only get a dollar. “Clarity is power” (I once had someone explain to me what the word SIN, actually meant. I was quite surprised. It's actually an ancient Latin word, which means missing the mark. When archers used to shoot for the bulls eye, if they missed, someone would yell SIN. So be specific and always aim for your target.)

The P, what is the Purpose. Why do you want it? - Reasons come first and answers come second, we will never be able to attain any goal, unless we give ourselves a reason for getting it, that overrides all other desires in our life. Without that overriding reason there is no drive to achieve it, as it only gets lumped in with all of the other things that we desire. Do you want a new car, well that could be a reason, but once you get that car, will you have the drive to continue, maybe that’s all you want at the moment and that’s OK. It’s all about where we are in our lives and knowing precisely what we want and WHY, your why has to be the most important thing to YOU, not what others want for you. For most of us the WHY, is a better life for our families and ourselves and this is a great motivating factor, since achieving it will take time, energy and require a strong commitment, so make sure your WHY is enough to keep you going through the ups and downs and for the long haul. Most people who don’t achieve what they want in life, just never set out to get it in the first place and focused single minded to achieve it, they let life get in their way. If you don’t have a goal and know precisely what it is, how will you ever get there.

The M, Take Massive action. What do you need to do to make it happen? - We need to have a plan and the more plans we have the better. If our first plan does not work for us, what is our next plan and the one after. Quite too often we fail, because we only have 1 plan of action for success and if it doesn't work, we can tell ourselves we tried it just doesn't work. We need to keep ourselves from making excuses and give ourselves a reason to continue. The more plans you have the less time for excuses. Part of why I’m writing these articles and have created this site, is to provide just that, more plans, more options. I may have a different outlook on many of the things in this business, than others. Don’t pick any one over the next, try them all. One might work for you, while the other doesn't suit your personality or style and if you don’t try as many things as you can, you may miss out on the one that will make you the success you want to be. I can't stress enough the importance of this step, it's easy to think of the result we want to achieve and just as easy to give ourselves a reason. However it's the Massive Action, which makes it a reality, notice it's not just action, but Massive Action. We need to change our lives in every way, we need to prepare to do whatever it takes to be successful, we can only ever expect our results to equal our actions, we will never achieve amazing results without being willing to put forth amazing efforts and actions.

      I like to add a quick video when I can find one that explains a topic well, I usually have to watch many to find a good one, I found this one and it shows another point of view on the same subject. " Anthony Robbins is always a good choice when available.

Anthony Robbins - "Clarity & Purpose" 8:12

     I hope I am providing some good insight on these topics, I most assuredly don’t have all of the answers, I can just try and share what I have learned, continue to learn and what has worked for me. A big part of changing one's life is to open your mind to new ideas and be teachable. I’m a big believer in this, as I was fortunate enough when I was younger to meet a great life coach, my karate teacher Master Laffocco, whom I've spoken about in previous posts. Many people don’t ever even give it a try, they just think all that life coaching stuff is mumbo jumbo, well it’s not. Many of the worlds top CEO’s, people who have already achieved greater success than most can ever dream of, people who are already multi millionaires, still seek life coaching. Even though they are already incredibly wealthy and have achieved a level of success at their business beyond imagination. They have the drive to continually better themselves, that is the drive that got them to where they are in the first place. So don’t just take it from me, if it’s good enough for some of the most successful people in the world, it should be good enough for you to try as well.

    Please visit my section “Self Development Videos” I have many videos there from great life and success coaches and will continue to add to them. I will try and continue to pick some and write my observations of them like I have here. I've always believed the more points of view the better, so please leave any comments as to yours, I welcome them.

Thank you for reading and the best of luck in all your endeavors, 

+R. Michael Gonzalez

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