Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Is ACN A Scam? - Yes Or No, Read The Facts - Pt.2

     I was planning to write a part.2 to this topic, but not quite so quickly, then I was bombarded with responses to comments that I have left on other blogs especially “RipoffReport.com”, so here it is. I’m sure from all the replies I got there will be more to come, it seems that there are many ways to view the same things, its all a matter of perspective and I’m not trying to outright dismiss any ones own personal experience, but I will try and explain all I can, as objectively as I can. For those of you who have acknowledged my objective explanation of these points and other posts, thank you, I have done alot of research on each point and have spent a good amount of time writing these posts and creating this site, to help put all of this in one place. I am still an ACN IBO and I do believe in the business model, I feel that MLM’s are a great business, just not for everybody. Please if you can, post comments on this site, so I can create an open discussion, I welcome all points of view, just please if you do, try and make it well thought out and keep it civil as your point will be ignored if you just bash ACN and I will remove any comments that contain profanity or are just obvious slander without explination. I will not censor those who disagree, just those that can’t be mature enough to comment properly. Thank you... Opinion: Just type in “ACN Scam” into Google and you get 950,000 results, that’s how many people have been “ripped off” by this bad company.
FACT: This one is laughable, but I’ll try and explain it. I have to understand that many don’t actually understand how search results work. The number of results has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with ACTUAL RELEVANT content on the particular search. I actually don’t know why search engines even show this, it’s very confusing to many. Search results that are relevant are not the same as # of results shown. As the results are in order of relevance, the further down the less relevant, or at least that’s how it’s supposed to work. Also as I explained in the previous post, savvy internet marketers place the words “ACN Scam” in their articles and posts to be part of those results, jumping on the bandwagon, which I do as well to expose the lies and misleading comments, usually by anonymous sources. Many aren't even bashing ACN or even have anything to do with ACN, they’re just trying to drive traffic to their site or sell you their “Free System To Make Millions, Doing Absolutely Nothing, Sitting On Your Couch and Eating Popcorn”, also many of the results are just the same sites, repeated over and over, with the same content. Opinion: If you look up “ACN Scam” the top listing is “RipoffReport.com”, which has to be credible, their an advocacy group for people who have been taken advantage of, right? Fact: This one isn’t so laughable and couldn’t be more wrong. Even though I already explained this one in my previous post, I feel I need to go further. The more I research this topic the more I uncover and being as internet savvy as I believe I am, I was even surprised to discover what I have found.
RipoffReprt.com comes up 1000’s of times, if you click or type in “Ripoff Report ACN” which is a more specific search than “ACN Scam”, you get 9,680 results, that’s how many times they show up for the same thing, even though there actually are only 79 filed complaints against ACN on their site, real or not (And did you know that RipoffReport.com allows anyone over the age of 14 to post anything they want, Anonymously). Or just click or type in “RipoffReport.com” in search and you get 1,650,000 results, as I also explained earlier, they make their money by bringing people to their site (and in my opinion they are writing many of those supposed complaints themselves, which most sound like they were written by a person with less than an elementary school education). However if you just went to the last search you will find something surprisingly different, because those 1,650,000 results are page after page of complaints agaist Ripoffreport.com and it’s owner Edward Magidson, exposing them for what they are and they don’t even have a single customer. (Many of the posts are scathing accusations against Magidson himself, I don’t know how true or false the personal attacks are and I’m not endorsing any of them as I would not know, but even if they are false, I guess it’s fair game in this wild, wild, west of the information age). In addition to this I have discovered some more information on just why search results in Google seem to favor the few scandalous results over much more relevant information no matter how you’re looking for something. I have also discovered why a few or in some cases even a single anonymous unsubstantiated report on this site can cause havoc to a person’s or company’s reputation. Even if you're already convinced one way or another. YOU MUST watch this video, it has nothing to do with me, but EVERYONE should know this information and do something about this.


    After learning more of exactly how RipoffReport.com works, I now understand why I got so many responses from their site to my posts on it, enticing me to reply and why none of those so called REAL victims ever bothered posting anything on this blog, even though I openly invite them to (Wouldn’t you think if someone was so mad that they would take me up on the offer to post their negative complaints on this site promoting ACN, if it were me I certainly would). The more replies on their site, whether agreeing or disagreeing, their site moves up in the search results and they make more money. So by actually trying to expose the lies of their so called victims I was actually helping their listing and making them more money. So for anyone out there who is in ACN or believes in ACN or anything else for that matter, “DO NOT POST ON RIPOFFREPORT.COM” even if your intentions are to expose their lies, you will actually be helping their site stay in the search results. 

(Correction, after receiving so many responses from people who went to Ripoff Report and thanking me for my objective replies to the baseless complaints, I feel I'm doing more good than harm, so I'm going to keep responding) 
     I hope this was informative, I certainly learned a little more of how this unregulated wild west shoot out of internet marketing really works. I will try and use this information to our benefit, without causing harm or trying to take advantage of anyone. Unfortunately not everyone will do the same, so just beware of all you read and think for yourself, don’t ever just assume what you read is even remotely true and always try and be ethical in life, it may take you a little longer to get where you're going, but you won’t ever have to look back once you get there.

Thank you for reading and the best of luck in all your endeavors, 

+R. Michael Gonzalez

Please ask questions or leave opinions in the comment section, as I welcome any outside opinions and will answer any questions that are made directly and honestly.

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