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Actual Typical ACN IBO Profits

   As an ACN Independent Business Owner, I must respect all the rules and policies I have agreed to. One of those rules is;

"Independent Representatives shall make no claim or inference to prospective Independent Representatives as to the anticipated or actual income an Independent Representative might earn. ACN makes no guarantees of income, nor assurances of any profits or success. Furthermore, any profits or success resulting from activities as an Independent Representative will be based upon customer acquisition and the amount of services or products purchased by those customers. Any success achieved will be based solely upon the Independent Representative’s effort, commitment and skills."

   Therefore I will try and explain this without breaking those rules, while being honest of what I know and have found, all information in this post that states any potential or actual ACN profits are openly found on the internet and I have just displayed them here. I make no claims of potential success, quite to the contrary, success is something that is hard and never guaranteed in any business and you must strive, work, learn and perform to achieve any level of it.

    I have been looking for some information on people who are in ACN and what they are actually making, from their mouth. I want as much information as I can find on anything I'm involved in. I have read the Compensation Plan and seen the potential, I've been to the seminars and heard the pitch, but I want some real #'s from a real person. Well after alot of searching I have found out why they do not talk about actual money made. The reason is that you legally have to disclose the money earned by a Typical IBO, if you want to speak of the money that can be earned by an Untypical IBO. Well I guess I understand why now, (It's not too motivating to recruit people if you tell them that the majority of people won't make it) but as I have already stated earlier and I don't find it discouraging is that the Typical IBO will probably make nothing. Not because ACN is a scam, but because the Typical IBO is a typical person and in reality many people are not ambitious enough or willing to work hard enough to make it in their own business, that's why many people work for someone else and do just enough to get their paycheck and go home and are happy with a $0.50 an hour raise every 6 months. When they leave work they don't care about the job or spend a moments thought on it until 9:00 a.m. the next day when they do just enough to get their paycheck and go home. That's just the way society trains us from birth, go to school and get a good job, work your whole life and retire to Florida. (I’d like to add that I’m not insinuating that all employees are lazy or unmotivated or don’t care, this is very far from the truth. I’m just speaking of those who try this, put very little effort into it and then complain about how they were scammed, because they let themselves believe they could get rich without having to work for it).

    Only 11% of the U.S. population ever even try to start their own business and that is for several reasons. 1. It takes lots of money to start a business; rent, merchandise, payroll, advertising, insurance, licenses and so forth and for most this is never even an option. 2. Education or knowledge of a business or industry is required, for example I'm in the construction business and it took me decades of learning every aspect of that business, before I had the knowledge and management skills to be able to run a company myself. 3. Society teaches us to find a good job and have security and once you have responsibilities in life like most of us do; mortgage, car payment, insurance, children, groceries, etc. it's hard to go out on your own without security and try to make a business work. (That's why it's crucial to do this as supplemental income, until it grows enough to sustain you, don't quit your job and plan on making $10,000 a month in 90 days, a mistake many of those who fail do).

    Well ACN offers the everyday person a solution to this. 1. It takes very little money to become an ACN IBO, $499 to start and that is not a lot of money. Sure many people might be struggling right now, but a chance to be in business for yourself for $499 is unheard of, they provide all of the benefits of having your own business without all the expense. 2. No upfront education or knowledge is required only a desire to learn, within the structure of ACN they provide you with all of the training materials necessary and if you join a good team, you will have all the resources and support of everyone above you to help you succeed. (Just look through my site and you will find a vast resource of training materials you can use to learn, many of those who fail just don't take advantage of these resources. The #1 reason most businesses fail is not lack of money, but lack of skills). 3. You can do it at your pace, if you need to still work and start this part time, that's fine. (Which by the way, I highly recommend) That's exactly what I'm doing, I still am trying to build my construction business and I stay up late at night learning this one (I drink a lot of coffee). 4. And this is the most important part, all you need is the desire to be in business for yourself, ambition and the work ethic to make it a reality. Understand it's a lot of work to succeed at ACN, just like it's a lot of work to succeed at any business and there are no guarantees. But if you look at it this way then you can't loose. Even if you don't make it, you'll learn a lot; you'll learn how to network (which can benefit you in any aspect of life), you'll learn about being in business for yourself, you'll learn how to have a positive attitude and build self esteem, you'll meet a lot of people and maybe a lot of new friends, you'll learn to become more comfortable speaking in public, you'll learn how to have a good work ethic and maybe, just maybe you'll rise to the top and find the financial independence that everyone dreams of. (Did I use the term "A Lot" enough, please remember this is simple, but not easy, it takes A LOT of work, but if your willing it could change your life)

    So I'm going to show the income potential of 3 levels of ACN IBO's the Typical IBO, the Hard Working IBO and the Cream Of The Crop Top IBO's.

1. The Typical IBO - The 90% who will fail at this

    Earning potential - $0 2. The Hard Working IBO - The 9% Who really work this business

    This is a testimonial I found in a blog slamming ACN, I can't verify it's accuracy or truthfulness, but it seems genuine to me. The writer has nothing to gain from his comments and isn't trying to recruit or sell anything. You be the judge. If all you look for is negative information to convince yourself that ACN doesn't work you will definitely find it, but I choose to look for the real positive information that seems to be from genuine people. You'll find what your looking for good or bad in life, it's your choice. In my opinion this is a Typical IBO, because he actually went out did the work and tried to make it happen, if your not willing to do at least that you shouldn't even count.

Bobafett Says:

November 7, 2010 at 5:34 pm

I am an ACN rep and have been for 9 months.

The way ACN trains you is the fastest way for ACN and the rep to grow, but may not be the healthiest way for people without business backgrounds.

I have a BS in Computer Science as well as over 10 years as a middle manager.

I saw a presentation and wasn’t very interested as I believed that MLMs were not a good deal for the rep, especially all of the other garbage MLM products (Juices, lotions, potions) that are out there. But it hit me later, when I was shopping for a cell phone for my daughter, that as a customer I was supporting local monopolies. I contacted my friend in ACN, and she showed me how I was going to save around $50 upfront on the handset, and I didn’t have to wait for a mail-in rebate. Then I also realized that as my own customer I would get 1 to 10% back by being a rep.

After I joined, I analyzed the numbers and realized that IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU RECRUIT! The personal commission volume is the hey for my business. I took it upon myself to reach $10,000 in monthly billing volume. Which would result in $1,000 a month in commission. I also realized how to get to $10K very quickly. I contacted property managers offering a service they could use. Guess what I found? I got 4 property managers to become my business partners. I found a few more who were not interested in ACN, but agreed to let me service their renters. I routinely get 5 or 6 households per month, at around $200 of services per month. Two months ago, I quit my job, because my ACN checks were more than my employer’s checks. The most I’ve ever gotten for a recruiting check was $2500, but my personal commission checks are always more than that and continually growing because even though “I’m” not actively recruiting, other people in my team are.

I also want to stress that there was a lot of hard work involved getting started, now it’s actually extremely easy for me, because I just hand the prospective customer or prospective rep a list of references of people who are under me making money every month.

April 2010 – Made $500 bonus for getting to ETT, and got 15 customer accounts. Billing Volume $1400. No Residual Check.

May 2010 – Made $500 bonus (I got 1 partner and other partners got 3), got another 10 accounts, Personal Billing Volume $2400, Residual Check $21.

June 2010 – Made $500 bonus (5 new partners), another 12 accounts, Personal Billing $3700, Residual Check $130. (ETL Promotion)

July 2010 – $1500 Bonus (12 new partners (none of which were mine!), another 13 accounts, Personal Billing $5100, Residual Check $335.

August 2010 – Made $750 bonus (8 new partners I didn’t know), another 9 accounts, Personal Billing $6800, Residual Check, $721!

September 2010 – Wife joined ACN so I could double dip. Personally recruited 6 partners, and my team found another 8 for a $1500 bonus), also got 32 personal accounts (by far my best month! but “gave” 4 of them to the wife), Personal billing volume of $9200, Residual Check $1200! Quit RDI.

October 2010 – Got 16 new partners, none personally. $2500 bonus, 13 new accounts, made it to my Billing Volume goal at $10500, Residual Check $2100! Wife got her first promotion and checks of $500, $1000, and 1st residual of $35.

November 2010 – 9 new partners $750 bonus, 3 new accounts (concentrated on helping my wife), Personal Billing Vol at just under $11000. Residual Check of $2800. Wife got bonus of $ 500 got to PBV of $3000, but her residual check was $600

December 2010 – so far this month 3 new partners ($200 bonus minimum, 11 new accounts for my wife, and she’ll get at least $500 in Bonus, and both my and her Residual Checks will increase again.

It’s not easy at first, but it gets easier. I have also already prepared all of my customers for electric and gas when it rolls out, and I estimate that probably means another 5 to 7k/mo personal billing volume.

My goals have now changed, as at first I wanted to make $1000/mo to supplement my job. Now I want make $10k/mo residually myself and $10k/mo for wife. I want to get her out of her nursing job before she turns 50, in March.

    If this is a truthful testimonial and I believe it is, then ACN seems like an amazing business to me, even if it takes twice as long to get where this person is it's a great business,
"Remember Rome wasn't built in a day". 

3. The Cream Of The Crop Top IBO's - The top 1% Who become multi millionaires

    Don't take my word for it, just go to the link of the top 400 MLM business earners and see for yourself. No, most people will never achieve this. It takes outstanding and exceptional marketing skills, in addition to an immense amount of work to do this. But, most people who start their own business, don’t become multi millionaires either. They just become financially independent and provide better security for their family and are able to determine their own future and this is what should motivate you, not driving a Lamborghini. (Always shoot for the top, always believe you can, but set attainable goals, so if you don't set yourself up for failure). But the fact that these numbers are achieved by the top people in the business, should prove that the business works.

    If you consider yourself a Typical IBO (and what I mean by that is that you aren't prepared to put the time, training and effort into this), then maybe you shouldn't waste your time. If you consider yourself a Hard Working IBO, then this probably has better potential than anything you have going on right now and if you learn the skills and do the work and have realistic expectations on how long it will take to get there, you can achieve financial independence. If you consider yourself to be the Cream Of The Crop (Which by the way I do), then this is the true potential of what you can achieve with ACN.

Remember, No ONE (at least I’m not) is promising you riches beyond your belief, by just signing up. You can’t just sit back and watch the money roll in. You have to learn the services inside and out and which ones work best in each market, you have to learn the skills that are required (which are many), you have to choose the right team and sponsor (which I believe I am and “Team Momentum” are) and you definitely have to be prepared to put in some time (not 90 days) as I find the majority of people who complain about this business did.

(I have noticed that this is one of the most viewed pages on my site. I hope it’s been informative and explained this topic well. If you have any opinions or comments on how I've presented this, please leave a comment below, I welcome all opinions. That is how I will be able to provide the best most objective information).

   Remember there is no such thing as getting rich quick, except inheritance, the lottery or winning the World Series Of Poker (Which I plan on doing some day) and if you're not expecting those, be ready to work for it.

Thank you for reading and the best of luck in all your endeavors, 

+R. Michael Gonzalez

Please ask questions or leave opinions in the comment section, as I welcome any outside opinions and will answer any questions that are made directly and honestly.

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