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Anonymous Response To - Is ACN A Scam?

     I have been scouring the internet looking for all I can find on ACN, for content to add to this blog. I have read hundreds of articles good and bad and trying to read through all of them is a huge task. But coming across this response to an "ACN Scam" blog bashing ACN, I thought it was just a well written response and deserved to be added to my blog. I did not write it and it was from an anonymous source.
By anonymous,

"You don't have to try very hard to grasp the ridiculousness of the "ACN is a scam" comments. They start off by telling you it's a get rich quick scam but then say it takes forever to make any real money. Do you understand the dichotomy of that argument?

ACN is not a get rich quick program. All the leaders with integrity (listen to ANY training audio) teach that it takes time and effort (like any business). You have to be willing to grow, to learn the product lines (not just blindly sign up family and friends to random products that may cost them more) and the markets (ACN is very competitive in some markets for certain products while they are competitive in other markets with other products--LEARN YOUR MARKET, that's your job as a business owner).

Every single "ACN is a scam" argument has the same style......"I joined because someone told me there was big money potential [which there is] and the comp plan made sense [which it does]. Well, I called two people to see the business and tried to get 3 friends to try my services, they all said no, or one person tried and they had to pay a switching charge, or I had a problem with a customer service rep so I quit. Obviously ACN is a scam."

Again, look at that argument. It's RIDICULOUS. Most START UP BUSINESSES don't turn a profit in their first year (and that's with the owners probably BUSTING THEIR HUMPS). The truth of the matter is that most of the people that write negative reviews are just looking to justify why they quit (or just to satisfy their own need to sow discord).

Are there customer service issues that crop up? Of course. You expect Verizon, ATT, etc. to have 0 complaints and 0 problems? No. Do regular businesses, both small and big have 0 problems? No. For example, ACN has an “A” rating with the BBB and they have about 200 consumer complaints. AT&T has 22,000 complaints.

What do you think makes ACN different in that respect? Nothing. They're a growing and expanding company (both in market presence and product portfolio), there are going to be growing pains. The dedicated IBOs keep plugging along, the whiners and complainers quit.

And just so there is no confusion. I am not currently an ACN IBO. I joined in 2004 straight out of university but quit almost immediately. I'm man enough to admit, I simply wasn't ready to take the daily actions required to be successful in the opportunity.

The problem is we live in an entitled society. All this giving out trophies for simply showing up has affected the mindset of our population. We now expect to be praised and showered with success simply for showing up. This is not the case (it's the problem I have with kids sports doing things like that) in real life. You have to work hard and put in the time to make it in ANYTHING.

The analogy would be you plunk down $500 for a yearly gym membership and just expect to magically get in to shape and calling it a scam when you don't. Joining the gym won't get you in shape. USING the gym's system WILL if you do it correctly and consistently.

ACN gives the average joe an opportunity to play in the same arena as the big boys for an absolute pittance of a start up cost."

    To whom ever wrote this, thank you for your well written response to all the criticism and for all of those still promoting the "ACN Scam" theory, you should find something more productive, if you did't make any money in ACN, are you making money bashing ACN, in my opinion most of you are, it's probably a lot easier than hard work.

Thank you for reading and the best of luck in all your endeavors, 

+R. Michael Gonzalez

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